Our cashmere is accredited by the SFA, which means that our fibres are independently certified as a material which is responsible through production practices that minimise environmental impact, safeguard herder livelihoods and meet high animal welfare standards.


    We use 100% Grade A pure Mongolian cashmere hair, no blends, no old fibres and is as soft as any cashmere could ever be. With years of expertise, we benchmarked our cashmere against competitors with multiple focus groups and ours always reigns supreme.



    As Mongolian cashmere goats have longer hairs (20% longer hairs than its family members in other regions) it means that they can be turned more, the more they are tightened, the stronger they become. With our strengthened long-haired yarns, it means when we spin the yarn into garments, we give you the highest quality item to last a lifetime and prevent misshaping when cared for properly.



    Did you know cashmere is biodegradable? Yes – that’s right! As a natural fibre, cashmere is a renewable resource, so unlike nylon, polyester and other synthetics, there is no issue regarding its ability to decompose. This means that if for any reason your Brodie should end up in a landfill it wouldn’t leave any waste in the world.


    With superior long-haired cashmere, our garments are also machine washable.

We use non-toxic dye ISO accredited colours in our fibre dying process that are custom made in Europe by Huntsman from Switzerland. We also use a low number of colours to dye and blend our fibres to create our desired shades.