Helmed by mother-daughter duo Anne-Marie Holdsworth and Jessica Talpade, Brodie is a family-owned, boundary-pushing luxury clothing brand. Originating in Yorkshire, from a long family lineage steeped in cashmere manufacturing, here at Brodie we are determined to bring our bold vision and innovative designs to our community through a responsible supply chain.

Our Manifesto

From the welfare of our goats in Mongolia to your Brodie garment being in your wardrobe, we take responsibility seriously.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far in our sustainability journey, but we still have work to do. Let us take you on a journey to show you why we are proud to call our cashmere both ethical, responsible, and regenerative.

We focus on 4 key areas within our Grazing to Garment process:

Grazing to Garment Process:

1. Our Lands and Animals
2. Our People
3. Our Fibres
3. Our Process
4. Our Factories