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Cashmere Care

Did you know that our cashmere is expertly crafted to be machine washable? Looking after your cashmere not only ensures you can enjoy your Brodie piece for years to come, but it also means your cashmere will feel as luxuriously soft as the first day you bought it. With three simple steps to easy everyday care, here’s how to keep your Brodie looking beautiful wash after wash.

Step 1

Washing your Brodie

Our cashmere and cotton silk collections are machine washable at 30 degrees (except for our foil print designs), meaning caring for your cashmere couldn’t be easier. Simply turn your garment inside out and choose the most delicate wash and spin cycle with non-biological washing detergent. Before you ask, this means no colour runs, and no pilling.

Drying your Brodie

It’s important to dry your Brodie as soon as possible to avoid any misshaping. We recommend running your garment through a very light spin cycle before placing it flat on a drying rack to airdry. Don’t be tempted to hang your Brodie cashmere pieces on the line – the weight of the wet cashmere hanging can cause it to stretch and become misshapen.

Step 2

Step 3

Safely Storing Your Brodie

It’s best to smooth your Brodie back into its original shape after washing but if you prefer to iron it, we recommend using your iron on the lowest setting. Hangers will stretch your piece so neatly fold and store your cashmere safely in a dry spot or cloth bag for protection. Designed to last, your Brodie cashmere is a wardrobe investment. A joy to wear and a joy to take care of, we make cashmere care an everyday ease.