conscious cashmere

With conscious design at our heart, we ensure a considered approach from grazing to garment and choose to champion sustainability by partnering with the Sustainable Fibre Alliance. As one of their founding members, we are proud to say that through our partnership, we guarantee the ethical production of our cashmere, ensuring it is sustainably sourced and traceable from the origin.

Ethical Production

We certify planet-positive practices via our partnership with the SFA to ensure our cashmere is created by minimal over grazing, the safeguarding of our herders, sustainability of their families' livelihoods, and most importantly the safety and conscious care of their animals.

Sustainably Sourced

Cashmere as a fibre is extremely sustainable, as it is biodegradable. Goat shearing is an essential practice to maintain the animal’s health and hygiene. In fact, this practice must be done even if their coats aren’t used for cashmere production, as if left un-kept, the animals become at risk. By responsibly producing and sourcing these natural fibres, we are supporting the nomadic herders in Mongolia and ensuring the continued welfare of their goats.