What’s your favourite thing about working together?
Anne-Marie: Being able to spend time with her every day. Jes always has a youthful, commercial perspective on things.
Jes: Being part of a work environment which cares about culture, and bringing that family vibe and outlook into how we run the business. Recognising each other’s strengths and really encouraging the other to succeed and watching mum thrive in her design creativity is rewarding.

Jes, can you tell us about an outfit or item of Anne-Marie’s that you always remember growing up.
Jes: Her 30th birthday party little black dress with white trim - so elegant and chic.
What makes the other the ideal person to work with?
Anne-Marie: Jes is always very measured, and always listens. 
Jes: Mum has an openness to doing things differently and is a real champion of people and recognising their efforts.
Jes, what is the best piece of style advice Anne-Marie has given you?
Jes: To let her dress me!

Do you share Brodie pieces from each other’s wardrobes?
Jes:  Mum never borrows from my wardrobe! I am always “borrowing and never returning hers.” Mum is creative at heart, I can’t put an outfit together that she hasn’t already inspired me with.
Anne-Marie: We both have beautiful Brodie pieces but Jes styles them differently to fit into her hectic family life.
What inspires you about each other?
Anne-Marie: She is clever and beautiful and intelligent and I’m very lucky to call her my daughter.
Jes: She is eternally positivity and kindness no matter what is going on.

And finally, Jes, what’s the best piece of general advice Anne-Marie has ever given you? 
Jes: It's totally cliché, but treat people how you want to be treated, even when it feels challenging.
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