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September 17, 2018

It’s important to us that our cashmere isn’t just beautiful and of the highest quality, but also easy and wearable. We want you to be able live life and enjoy yourself in our clothing, that’s why all our cashmere is machine-washable.


Cashmere wool is obtained from the hair of the Cashmere goats (Capra hircus laniger). Our cashmere comes from Mongolia where 40m goats contend with temperatures below -30°C.

Their coat is made up of two distinct layers - the outer layer and the undercoat. The outer hair of the animal is coarse and waterproof, which serves to protect the undercoat. Only the soft, ultrafine undercoat is used in the production of cashmere.

In the spring, as they start to moult, the goats are combed to remove their fine under hair while leaving the outer coat (guard hair) intact. The combings are then washed and “de-haired” of any stray guard hair, so that what is left is pure cashmere.

Cashmere is soft, lightweight, and yet also very durable and a great insulator.



Hand Washing Tips

We suggest turning it inside out before washing for extra protection.
We generally recommend regular hand washing by immersing your garment in a solution of warm water and a gentle wool wash product.
When washing by hand, do not rub but instead squeeze the suds gently through the fabric.
Never wring or stretch the fabric in any way.


Machine Washing Tips

Turn your garment inside out in a wash bag and choose the most delicate setting for wash and spin – at 30ºC/86F.
We advise to use the handwash, delicates or woollens cycle on your washing machine.
When washing your cashmere in a machine we suggest avoiding biological detergents.
Please ensure that you use a specialist cashmere or delicates washing liquid.



Do not leave your cashmere wet - dry it as soon as soon as possible or odours may develop.
Run your item through a slow spin cycle of the washing machine and then place it flat on a towel and allow it to dry naturally.
Avoid any direct heat such as radiators or strong sunlight.
Never hang cashmere on a line to dry, as this will cause lines and stretch marks.
Do not use any type of iron on your cashmere garment in order to remove possible creases. Instead, smooth your cashmere gently back into its original shape.



Fold garments or place them neatly in tissue paper or a plastic bag and store them in a closet away from light, dust and dampness.
You can use well-sealed plastic storage box (available in most stores). Make sure the box is dry before you put your cashmere items in.
Clean your garment before storage as fresh stains that may not yet be visible will oxidise and become fixed during storage.
Mothballs and cedar chips help protect wool from moths.



It may seem like a cashmere catastrophe, but pilling is a natural process that happens to all natural yarns after a certain period of wear.
Pilling is the bobbling effect that occurs when fibres become knotted together. It’s caused by friction during wear or by the build-up of static electricity underneath other garments.
These bobbles – known as ‘pills’ – can either be picked off or shaved off using a wool razor.


Don’t be afraid to wash your Brodie cashmere. As we’ve said above, it’s simple to machine-wash and we actually recommend you wash your cashmere regularly, especially when you first start wearing, as this can remove excess short fibres making pilling less likely.

For more information on how to care after your cashmere please carefully check the care labels in all of our garments.

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