From the hills to your home: sustainable Mongolian cashmere

From The Hills To Your Home

While our Brodie pieces look great, we’re also very proud of how the materials are sourced and produced. As a family run business, we are determined to ensure our gorgeous garments are as sustainable as possible, while delivering on quality too. To give our customers a sneak peek behind the scenes, we want to show you the journey of a Brodie, so you know exactly where your beautiful cashmere pieces come from.

Mongolian cashmere goats

Where it all begins.

The story begins in Mongolia with a herd of Mongolian goats. These goats are well cared for to help produce thick fluffy coats, they have coarse fur protecting an underbelly of soft, luxury fibres. It’s these fibres which are combed and collected by farmers to create cashmere. We practise sustainable grazing on the pesticide-free steppes of Mongolia, and support the lifestyle of the nomadic herdsmen and their families that live there.

The best fibres, just for you.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the longest fibres at 42mm. This may not sound too important, but it’s these longer fibres which create the highest-quality cashmere. Longer fibres prevent pilling and misshaping and increase the longevity of your pieces. In Brodie’s case it also means your gorgeous garments are machine washable in a warm (not hot!) wash.

Hand finished and fabulous.

These fibres are worked into our infamous Brodie designs in local factories, which have received investment of more than £7,500,000 in state-of-the-art production equipment in the past five years alone. We are proud to work in partnership with our local factories to curate the finished Brodie garment together with them. All pieces are finished by hand and all dyes are ISO accredited European Dyestuff manufacturers.

From the hills to your home

Our Brodie pieces are then shipped over to our site in Yorkshire where orders are processed and packaged especially for you, our customers. This journey is something we have refined over the years and are extremely proud of. We’ve researched and invested to create the highest quality, finest cashmere in the most sustainable way possible.

There’s a whole lot of love that is woven into every fibre of our cashmere and cotton silk designs. Keep an eye out for new pieces, and what we are up to here at Brodie on Instagram and Facebook.


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