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We are a British family brand best known for our luxury cashmere that is designed in England and produced in Mongolia. We strive to create collections that are long-lasting, both in quality and style, whilst using production methods that are both animal and environmentally friendly.

Sustainability has never been optional at Brodie, it has been a core value of the business since we started in 2008. Mongolian cashmere is the heart of Brodie’s story, all our products are knitted from the world’s finest cashmere gathered directly from 100% sustainable sources in Mongolia. We are constantly investing in new ways to control the elements within the supply chain to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of it. 



BRODIE uses raw cashmere to create all our products. Our relationship with the farmer herders and factory in Mongolia spans over 10 years and they are just as passionate about their cashmere as we are. The factory workers are artisans of their own trade, with years of experience that craft every jumper. 

Mongolia’s winters are key to the production of cashmere as the temperatures frequently fall as low as -30 degrees Celsius. The extreme conditions mean that the Cashmere goats must survive the harsh weather by producing an extra fine layer of Cashmere for warmth.  This is then used to give our products a luxuriously soft and warm quality. The Mongolian cashmere is not blended with other fibres and is known to be the longest of all cashmere fibres. This length allows us to provide excellent polling results which are well above industry norms. All our cashmere pieces are machine washable. 

The Cashmere is carefully hand-combed to ensure ultimate quality. The selected fibres are washed to remove any traces of lanolin and spun into yarns using traditional techniques that have been employed for hundreds of years. The strands are then ready to be gently dyed, using custom colours made by European manufacturers that are all ISO accredited.

We have invested greatly in modern techniques with computerised knitting and printing machines, which has enabled us to grow our collection with exciting shapes and styles each season.

Our designs are inspired by friends, family and our travels from around the world. A BRODIE piece is a friend for life and we love to dress generations of families. We pride ourselves on a collection that has something for everyone.  

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